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Math and Science Teacher Training

This certificate is offered to math and science teachers with little or no experience in teaching math and/or science in English. The certificate enhances their ability to formulate scientific and mathematical concepts in English and give clear presentations on such topics to a specialized or non-specialized audience. It also provides them with training within a framework of a communicative teaching approach. It strongly emphasizes interactive instructional strategies, which build up trainees’ teaching competencies when planning classroom tasks and activities, as well as assessment concepts, forms, and rubrics that are instrumental to students’ motivation, progress, and achievement.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must have a bachelor's degree in any field.
  • Applicants must obtain the score for course ENGGB1A on the SEPT or passing ENGGA2D.
  • Good knowledge of the PC applications (Microsoft Office – Word and PowerPoint) and ability to use the Internet.

Career Certificate in Math and Science Teacher Training 

Code      Title CEUs* Prerequisite(s)
ETLS 400  English for Math and Science 3 None 
ETLS 401  Teaching Math and Science in English 1: English for Communicative Teaching 3 ETLS 400 
ETLS 402  Teaching Math and Science in English 2: The Starting Teacher 3 ETLS 401 
ETLS 403  Teaching Math and Science in English 3: The Developing Teacher 3 ETLS 402 
ETLS 404  Teaching Math and Science in English 4: The Skilled Teacher 3 ETLS 403 
ETLS 405  Teaching Math and Science in English 5: The Sophisticated Teacher 3 ETLS 404 
*One continuing education unit equals 10 contact hours

Assessment for all Levels of Math and Science Teacher Training
Throughout the English for Math and Science Teacher Training courses, students are evaluated continuously at regular intervals, in addition to an end-of-term final assessment task. This is done through a variety of tasks that include role-playing, monologues and presentations, lesson plans and writing a test. Trainees pass a course when completing its outcomes with a minimum score of 70 percent. Final grades are not based on attendance, since in accordance with the SCE’s attendance policy.
tel 20.2.2797.6871/6924

Sunday - Thursday 
9 am - 4 pm