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About Us
The School of Continuing Education (SCE) at The American University in Cairo was established in 1924 to serve the community of Egypt. With 90 years of experience, SCE is able to offer high quality educational and skill development programs, as well as courses that attract learners of various nationalities and different walks of life. The School of Continuing Education provides certificate programs, noncredit term-length courses and variable-length, customized courses to fulfill the continuing education needs of individuals and organizations in Egypt and the Middle East. 

To fulfill the diverse needs of the community, the school offers a broad array of professional educational certificates and stand-alone courses. These are provided through the following offerings: career and skills development programs, language enhancement programs, translation diplomas, IT and computer programs, teacher training programs, youth programs, tailor-made programs, along with evaluation testing and assessments.  

The School of Continuing Education’s regularly scheduled courses and certificates are offered in AUC Tahrir Square and AUC New Cairo. Tailor-made courses for companies and organizations are also conducted on-site at the client’s facilities. 

SCE Community Lecture Series
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SCE Faculty Guide
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SCE Policy on Photographing and Videotaping SCE Courses, Lectures, Conferences and Events
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