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Instructional Calendar

The School of Continuing Education’s (SCE) instructional calendar year extends from July 1 to June 31 in conformity with the academic year of the University. The calendar is based on a trimester schedule consisting of twelve weeks in the fall, spring and summer. Within and between the trimester, six-week, three-week and four-week terms are offered for a total of seven to eight terms per year.

Calendar 2019 - 2020
Archived Calendars

SCE's instructional calendar is set one year in advance in accordance with the University’s calendar. The SCE calendar takes into account the required number of class sessions for each course in each of the seven or more terms it offers annually. Islamic holidays may differ slightly from those projected a year earlier. In that case, SCE will use its discretion to adjust the holiday dates and announce them to the learners as soon as the lunar calendar or Dar Al Iftaa confirm the religious holiday. As for national holidays, they will conform to the previously announced instructional calendar. Unexpected and unscheduled new holidays will be treated on a case by case basis and an announcement will be released at the time stating the appropriate action. This is because last-minute adjustments in class schedules may be difficult to make if a new national holiday is announced suddenly.