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SCE Upcoming Holidays
Holidays for Students and SCE Offices 2017 - 2018
January 1 Mon
New Year's Day
January 7
Sun Eastern Christmas (H)
January 19
Epiphany Day (H)
January 25 Thu Official Holiday-National Holiday (H)
April 1
Sun  Palm Sunday and Western Easter (H)
April 5 - 9
Thu – Mon Holy Thursday (H), Eastern Easter and Sham El Nessim (H)
April 25
Wed  Sinai Liberation Day (H)
May 1
Tue  Labor Day
June 15 - 18
Fri - Mon  Eid El Fitr (H)*
June 30
Sat  30 June National Holiday (H)
July 23
Mon  Revolution Day (H)

* To be confirmed by official notice