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Computer Science and Engineering




In 1975, computer science started at AUC as a minor program offered by the mathematics unit of the science department. In the fall of 1985, AUC expanded the 10-year old minor in computer science into a bachelor of science degree in computer science. More 

Our Alumni

 “AUC was the launchpad for my career, first inspiring me to pursue postgraduate studies in computer science and more recently as a tech entrepreneur and CEO.”
Rana El Kaliouby '98, '00

Former research scientist at MIT 
CEO and co-founder of Affectiva

AUC Board of Trustees 


"AUC enabled me to progress rapidly in an evolving industry."
Ahmed Ossama '95
Managing Director, TEData






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  Faculty and Research  


In cooperation with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Microsoft is hosting a conference on March 18 and 19, 2017, read more...

Computer Science Program ABET Accredited (2017-2023), read more.

The Distinction Between Computer Science and Computer Engineering Programs



Adequate space was allocated for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering to include both general and specialized labs, faculty and staff offices and teaching assistant rooms. The department is continually updating its computing facilities to be state of the art.