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Our Alumni

Ahmed Ossama '95
Managing Director, TEData
"AUC enabled me to progress rapidly in an evolving industry."


Karim Sobh '97, '09, '16

Visiting Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz

"Do not take the wheel for granted, reinventing the wheel leads to knowledge, inspiration, invention and probably a new wheel."


Rana El Kaliouby '98, '00
Former Research Scientist at MIT 
CEO and co-founder of Affectiva

AUC Board of Trustees 

“AUC was the launchpad for my career, first inspiring me to pursue postgraduate studies in computer science and more recently as a tech entrepreneur and CEO.”

Hesham Ismail '04, '07
Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Corporation, USA

"I am currently working on the Microsoft Bing's Engineering Fundamentals team delivering tools that are used by developers all across the search team. The strong bonds that have developed with classmates and professors have allowed me to get the most out of my learning experience."


Ahmed El Kholy '05, '08
PhD candidate, Columbia University
"I work on research projects at the Natural Language Processing at the Center for Computational Learning Systems at Columbia University."

Mohamed El-Geish '07
Software Development Engineer, Microsoft Corporation USA
"Currently engineering the core infrastructure of one of the biggest distributed systems at Microsoft and the world." 


Sarah Nadi '07

Assistant Professor, Department of Computing Science, University of Alberta

"The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. That’s what makes research very exciting!"


Mahmoud Dinana '13

Software Development Engineer, Personalization, Amazon

"The best part of being a computer engineer is the challenges that we face every day to solve real life problems to help make people's lives easier, and that's what I do on a daily basis. I make sure that we at Amazon show our customers the best solutions to meet their expectations and so that we never lose their trust."