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​School Events 

Upcoming Events 
 ​Date                             Event Details 

April 28, 2014

  Sciences and Engineering Graduate Open Day 
   4 - 8 pm 
   Mansour Group Lecture Hall
   AUC New Cairo  
 Past Events 
 ​Date   Event Details 
March 16 - 20, 2014

  Physics Week
1 - 2 pm
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
   Undergraduate Open Day
 9:30 am 
 Mansour Hall, AUC New Cairo 
January 27 - 30, 2014    Enroll your kids in the 2014 Young Scientists Camp to arouse their curiosity for science through a number of fun activities.
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Wednesday, December 11,
  Lecture: "Graphene Supercapacitors: Charging Up the Future"
by Maher El-Kady
Conference and Visitor Center, Room P007
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Monday, December 2,
  Lecture: "The Saga of Hepatocellular Carcinoma"
by Mahmoud El-Meteini
School of Sciences and Engineering, Room 2196 

Sunday, November 24,

  Design and Assembly of 1D Nanostructured Materials for Solar Energy Conversion 

November 6, 
  Mathmatica Campus
The SSE-Wolfram Research Initiative to establish a Mathematica Campus at AUC is a serious attempt to integrate state-of-the-art technology into our teaching and learning processes. We will illustrate the agreement with Wolfram Research, listen to the presentation of Conrad Wolfram himself and hear top Wolfram executives discuss the initiative. Read more 

Wednesday June 19, 

  Young Scientists Camp
The program engages students in hands-on activities and provides an environment where young learners discover that science is fun and interesting. It encourages active learning through investigation, experimentation, play and demonstration. Students learn about physics, chemistry, mathematics, robotics and biology, as well as earth and space science.
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April 23, 2013 
10 am - 2 pm
  Science Tourism at Discovery City
As part of its Science Tourism theme, the Cairo Science Festival and Discovery City are organizing a day of activities at Discovery City that includes guided tours to the Space, Geology and Life Science exhibition halls and an IMAX 3-D video. The admission rate is LE 10 per person for all activities.  Read more 
Location: Discovery City, Sixth of October City
Tuesday, April 23, 2013; 10 am - 2 pm

April 21, 2013  
  "Using Mathematica to Revolutionize the Teaching and Learning of the Sciences and Engineering" 
Location: Cairo Marriott Hotel
Abstract: This presentation explores the potential of the state-of-the-art technical computing platform "Mathematica" by Wolfram research regarding the teaching and learning of science, mathematics and engineering disciplines. We will question the requirements to integrate such platform into AUC offerings including teacher orientation, teacher support, access, and most importantly the need to re-visit learning outcomes, new pedagogies and the associated revised assessment models.
Thursday, April 11, 2013
1 pm

  The Fourth Annual Science Festival starts April 11 at 1 pm in the School of Sciences and Engineering, room P007. Read more 
April 7 - 10, 2013
1 - 2 pm  
   Science Bites: The Evolution of Robots
This week's Science Bites will explore the world of robotics and is organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering's Robotics Program and the Mechanical Engineering Student Association. The individual episodes will feature the following: Read more
Sunday, March 10, 2013
1 - 2 pm 
  Science Bites: Our Cosmic Neighborhood
Science Bites is a new campus-wide outreach initiative that aims to enhance the science literacy of the AUC community through informal science education in the form of daily outreach initiatives during assembly hour (1 - 2 pm) that are tailored to engaging a general audience in science and technology. This is accomplished through communicating, discussing, debating and experimenting with popular topics and issues. Each week of Science Bites is dedicated to a different theme and is sponsored by an academic department or unit. This week's episodes covered the theme "Our Cosmic Neighborhood" and was sponsored by the AUC Observatory. All Science Bites episodes will take place in the Exploreum (room 1026 of the School of Sciences and Engineering) unless otherwise indicated. Read more

Wednesday, February 27, 2013   Solar Thermal Electricity
A lecture given by the  Distinguished Visiting Professor Manuel Silva from the University of Seville entitled “Advanced Solar Thermal Electricity Plants” was organized on Wednesday, February 27 from 1 to 2 pm in SSE CP17. Read more

Monday February 25, 2013    "The State of the Art in the Search for Extra Terrestrial Life"
The Department of Biology held a lecture titled "The State of the Art in the Search for Extra Terrestrial Life" by Edmund Douglass, assistant professor and postdoctoral teaching fellow, at The American University in Cairo. The lecture was held on Monday, February 25, 2013 from 1 to 2 pm in the biology department, seminar room, number 2196.

For more information, please contact the biology department: Lana Murad,

February 7, 2013   Open Day For Graduate Students
Thursday, February 7, 2013
4 pm
Moataz Al Alfi Hall, AUC New Cairo
Click here for more details

26-29, 2013

December 3, 2012

Did Ancient Egyptians Plan a Planetary Alignment with the Pyramids to take Place on December 3, 2012

A Fact Finding Observation and Panel Discussion
An alignment between three planets -- Mercury, Venus and Saturn -- and the Giza great pyramids has been claimed to occur on December 3, 2012. The phenomenon has been particularly popular on social media, where a photo realization depicting three shiny planets on top of the three pyramids was shared widely, claiming a rare phenomenon that happens once every 2,737 years. Read more

November 29, 2012   Department of Biology
"Ethics of Genetic Research and Stem Cell Research"
For more details, click here.

November 19, 2012

  The Department of Construction and Architectural Engineering jointly with the Swiss Embassy in Cairo are hosting the event:
“From Pyramids to Spacecraft”
A weeklong event joint activity including an exhibition, a public lecture, two panels and a workshop. Read more

November 29, 2012   Film screening: Machines of the East
The film showcases the early inventions and innovations of the Arab and Muslim civilization that paved the way to the advancement of the modern world.

Thursday, November 29 at 1 pm at Faculty Lounge, Room 2109

November 14, 2012   Lecture by Professor Lotfia El Nadi
The Department of Chemistry organized a lecture by Professor Lotfia El Nadi, vice director of IC-SAS of HDSP Lasers, Faculty of Science and NILES, Cairo University. The lecture was titled "New Energy Resources Latest Achievements."
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 1 pm at Mansour Group Lecture Hall, The Hatem and Janet Mostafa Core Academic Center

  Open Day
The School of Sciences and Engineering organized an open day for prospective AUC students, their parents and high school representatives to introduce them to different programs and specializations offered by the school. The session also covered admission requirements for these programs and prospective job opportunities. The event included a tour of various laboratories on campus and meetings with representative students from each program. 
Read more

From November 5 to November 8, 2012

The International Workshop Brokering Multi-stakeholder Education Partnership

The American University in Cairo, Microsoft and the International Partnership Brokers Association have partnered to hold the international workshop Brokering Multi-stakeholder Education Partnership. It was organized from November 5 to November 8, 2012 at AUC New Cairo. Delegates who attended this workshop became eligible to proceed towards receiving an internationally recognized and accredited Partnership Broker Award. At the end, the skills acquired have the potential to help foster the partnerships that would make a huge difference for students and teachers across the region. read more.

November 5, 2012   AUC Contributes to the Celebrations of the UN Day 2012

The American University in Cairo contributed to the celebrations of the UN Day 2012 through hosting the Egyptian UN resident coordinator, Anita Nordby, and the distinguished members of the UN Country Team (UNCT) who are the heads of various UN agencies operating in Egypt. The UNCT in Egypt is one of the largest in the world and serves the Egyptian National Agenda for development.

The event took place on November 5, 2012 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm, and consisted of an AUC-UNCT meeting with University administration and students that was followed by a working lunch gathering of AUC faculty and administrators with the UNCT. The purpose of those meetings were to explore the various plans for development in Egypt and to coordinate the work streams of AUC with those of various UN agencies in order to optimize resources and improve quality of services offered to Egypt in its post-revolution quest to democracy and well-being.

Both AUC and the UNCT look forward to future collaboration around the key priorities of development in Egypt