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Rescue Me
Embedded Day Competition

On May 11, 2014, Five teams in CSCE 432/4301: Embedded Systems with Khaled El-Ayat, professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, competed under the theme "Rescue Me."

Embedded Day was sponsored by Microsoft Research, which provided all prizes and covered food and refreshments expenses. The students' projects were worth 50 percent of both the class and lab grades. The project theme for the Spring 2014 class was "Rescue Me," under which student competed to build, develop, integrate and program a robotic application to satisfy the rescue operation. Teams were judged by a panel of five judges -- two from Microsoft, two faculty members and an external independent judge. Judges were given clear judging criteria as used in major international competitions, including technical quality, novelty, presentation and demo quality. All projects were required to integrate five different technologies in their application, such as robotic platform, embedded platform, wireless networking and camera-vision technologies.

The first prize was awarded to the Rescue Rover team of May Magdy, Merihan El Hefnawy and Samah Ahmed. Rescue Rover integrated a robotic arm, a mobile robot, embedded platform, camera vision and wireless. Their mission was to rescue a fallen object automatically by detecting its location, closing in on it, and successfully lifting it from the lab. Afterward, it continued to search for and rescue other objects. The demo was flawless. The second prize went to the My Way team of Randa Ewada, Nermine Abdel Salam and Mohamed Abboud. My Way also successfully integrated all the above technologies and used a ceiling camera to detect and successfully guide their robotic platform around obstacles to the required rescue location.

Embedded Day would not have been a success without the incredible support from the teaching assistant team of Yousef El Swedey, Abdallah Galal and Aalaa Hamouda. They spent countless hours and nights supporting all the teams, ensuring every project was outstanding.