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Faculty and Research

Ahmed Abdellatif
Visiting Assistant Professor
PhD 2007, University of Louisville
tel 20.2.2615.2901
Office: Room 2193, School of Sciences and Engineering

Asma Amleh
Associate Professor of Developmental Biology
PhD 1997, McGill University
tel 20.2.2615.2908
Office: Room 2183, School of Sciences and Engineering

Arthur Bos
Associate Professor of Marine Biology/Ecology
PhD 1999, University of Hamburg
tel 20.2.2615.2903
Office: Room 2192, School of Sciences and Engineering


Walid Fouad
Assistant Professor of Plant Biotechnology
PhD 2004, University of Florida
tel 20.2.2615.2917
Office: Room 2184, School of Sciences and Engineering

Andreas Kakarougkas
Assistant Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology
PhD 2012, Genome Damage and Stability Centre in UK
tel 20.2.2615.2898
Office: Room 2188, School of Sciences and Engineering

Andrew J. Main
Professor Emeritus 
DPH 1976, Yale University
tel 203.469.6753

Ahmed Moustafa
Associate Professor of Bioinformatics
PhD 2009, University of Iowa
tel 20.2.2615.2913
Office: Room 2181, School of Sciences and Engineering

Professor and Chair
PhD 2001, McGill University
tel 20.2.2615.2907
Office: Room 2187, School of Sciences and Engineering

Suher Zada
Professor of Immunology and Tenure
PhD 1975, Cairo University
tel 202.2615.2909
Office: Room 2185, School of Sciences and Engineering