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Majors and Minors


Admission Requirements 

Mathematics and science courses must be successfully completed in high school. For full details on admission to AUC, click here.

To view course requirements for Bachelor of Science in biology with concentrations in marine biology or molecular and cell biology, click here. 


Program Requirements  

Bachelor of Science in Biology

A total of 132 credits is required for the Bachelor of Science in biology:

Core Curriculum requirements            33 (40 credits* total credits)

Biology Requirements                         42 credits

Biology Electives                                 16 credits

Collateral requirements                       25 credits

General electives                                 9 credits

* The remaining 7 credit hours, required to satisfy the core, are fulfilled by the concentration Science/lab (BIOL 104/1011 Introductory Biology 4cr.) and the capstone projects BIOL 495/4980-Senior Research Thesis (1cr.) and BIOL 496/4981- Seminar in Biology (2cr.)


Minor in Biology

Coordinator: Arthur Bos  

The program offers a minor in Biology to supplement the education of students in related disciplines including but not limited to biometry, bioinformatics, biochemistry, biophysics, psychology and anthropology. Twenty credits are required for the minor in biology, including BIOL 1011 and 1012, and 14 credits of elective biology courses.

Minor in Bioinformatics

 Coordinator: Ahmed Moustafa

The program offers a minor in bioinformatics for students interested in an academic or industrial career in computational biology for analysis of molecular data in health, diseases, environment and/or food research and industry.

Minor in Environmental Science

 Coordinator: Arthur Bos

This is an interdisciplinary program coordinated by the biology and chemistry departments, in which students become involved in the study of environment-related problems at the national, regional and international levels. Completion of this minor requires 18 to 20 credits: nine to 10 credits each in the concentration and electives.

Minor in Biomedical Sciences

 Coordinator: Ahmed Abdellatif

The minor in biomedical sciences provides students with a useful complement to majors in sciences, engineering, business and humanities at AUC. The program offers directed study in human and animal systems to broaden the background of students wishing to pursue professional careers in biomedical industry, biotechnology, bioinformatics, medicine and other related areas. This program fulfills the sciences requirements for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT®) and the Dental College Admission test (DAT®). Students who wish to apply for medical, dental or other related biomedical graduate programs must complete all other course requirements for admission, as well as other application requirements and extracurricular activities.

Premedical Track

 Coordinator: Ahmed Abdellatif

The track is open for all AUC undergraduate students and provides basic biological and physical science courses that prepare students for admission into medical schools abroad. The coursework for this track consists of 42 credits.



For more information please contact

Department of Biology 
School of Sciences and Engineering
The American University in Cairo
SSE, Second Floor, Room 2194
tel 20.2.2615.4856 OR 20.2.2615.4227