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Courses take place over one semester, which is equivalent to 45 hours of instruction and practice. Semesters start every fall, spring and summer (the fall and spring semesters are 3 months-long, while the summer A and B semesters are 1 month-long). Course sessions meet once per week for the duration of the semester. An AUC-ESS specialization certificate is earned after completing six courses.

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Courses are held over five days for 30 hours of instruction. Sessions typically meet from 9 am - 3 pm or after 4 pm. An AUC-ESS specialization certificate is earned after completing five courses from an area of specialization and submitting a final project.

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Specialized topics covered in a variety of formats. Courses are typically offered over the course of a month or several weeks, with sessions meeting every weekend. Some courses are offered over the course of a week.

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