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Interior Design

Learn more about the concepts, styles, methods and processes of interior space design in this comprehensive program.

Program Requirements
Candidates for the certificate must complete:

  • Five core courses (including a final design project course)
  • One elective course

Admission Requirements
Participants will be admitted based on instructor approval. The typical requirements for admission are a bachelor's degree in architecture or substantial professional experience in the domain of interior design. For more information on registration, email or call +20.2.2615.4333.

Program Overview
Each course in this program focuses on a different aspect of the interior design process. The topcs covered in the program include:
  • Human factors: ambient environment and psychological effects
  • Design for sensorial qualities
  • History and theory of the interior
  • Interior materials and finishing elements
  • Design graphics, visualization and presentation techniques
  • Professional practice: creating an interior design project
  • A design workshop where creative thinking and individual ideas are developed in a design studio


Program Objectives
After completing the diploma participants should be able to:

  • Understand the conceptual and design aspects of interior design.
  • Integrate human and functional requirements into design decisions of interior spaces
  • Understand aesthetic design criteria and space qualities that improve utilization of interior spaces
  • Identify and proper use of interior design styles
  • Understand the basis of finishing materials selection and components suitable for different interior applications and the associated implications
  • Analyse existing interior spaces and be able to functionally and aesthetically improve their utilization
  • Design simple interior spaces successfully
  • Communicate and present effectively interior design projects


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Course Information

Courses consist of 45 hours, with sessions meeting on Saturdays. 
Core Courses:
ARID 001
 ARID 001: Conceptual and Design Aspects
This course covers interior design concept and design aspects and principles, and provides an overview of the interior design process from the initial client brief to the final presentation.

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ARID 002
 ARID 002: Interior Design Style
Learn more about the various styles used in interior design through this course that covers styles from the era of ancient Egypt to the 21st century.

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 ARID 003  ARID 003: Finishing Materials
This cover covers the various finishing materials that can be used and applied in interior spaces.

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 ARID 004  ARID 004: Presentation Techniques
Knowing how to properly present a design project requires a variety of skills. This course covers many important topics related to presentation techniques, including 2D and 3D drawing by hand and using computer-aided design (CAD) programs, as well as verbal communication.

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 ARID 005  ARID 005: Final Design Project
Participants are required to demonstrate their knowledge by completing a capstone project that covers the design process from inception to the final proposal and presentation. This course can only be taken after completing all the other four core courses and an elective course.

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Elective Courses (choose two):
 ARID 006  ARID 006: Lighting in Interior Design
Learn more about lighting as it relates to interior design. Topics include sources, types and distribution.

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 ARID 007  ARID 007: Projects Planning
This course explores the restrictions and processes with which professional designers need to comply.

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 ARID 008  ARID 008: Working Drawings in Interior Design
Learn more about technical drawings, the design process and building construction principles.

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